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Pharmacokinetics: Dosing Wars

So, you’re a second year pharmacy student sitting in pharmacokinetics class. You're listening to your professor animatedly discuss this strange new topic. But let’s be honest, you’re still trying to figure out what the word "pharmacokinetics" (or even regular "kinetics") means. 

Frankly, you’re just excited to have a new super long word to use when playing hangman with your classmates. 

Hey everyone! Brandon and Sam here. We're the founders of tl;dr pharmacy. 

Let's just come out with it: Pharmacy School is hard. No matter what program or year you're in, pharmacy school is the dominant part of your life. And what a stressful life it is. 

Sleepless nights. Tests. Quizzes. Quizzlets. Exams. Quizzams. Presentations. Group projects. Monographs. Clinical labs. Sitting through 8 hour lecture days (and being expected to pay attention). Navigating a sea of professional organizations and fraternities. Ignoring friends and family for weeks at a time because you're "too busy." A growing six figure pile of debt. Picking up hours as an intern so you can buy food. Fire and brimstone falling from the sky. Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria. 

It's something we've come to call "The Struggle." Every pharmacy student intuitively understands it, but no one can really explain it to someone outside of the profession.