"I wish I had this when I started Pharmacy School..."

- Heather H., P4 Student                     

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • "My entire 'social life' is DiPiro and Koda-Kimble"

  • "I don't feel like I 'get' the material, even if I do well on the exam..."

  • "...and especially if I don't do well on the exam"

  • "I'm scared I won't be able to apply classroom knowledge to actual patients"

  • "I have no idea what I should be doing to prepare for residency applications and interviews"

  • "I have borderline panic attacks about finding a job once I graduate"

If so, then you are in the right place!

The handsome, talking experts who write the words you're reading

The handsome, talking experts who write the words you're reading


Brandon Dyson and Sam Oh here. We are practicing, board certified, residency-trained pharmacists. We are teachers and licensed student preceptors. 

We know your struggle... 

We know how hard it is to absorb the amount of material that gets thrown at you during pharmacy school.

And we know how hard it is to keep up with it all when you are practicing.

We created tl;dr pharmacy to make your life easier.



How tl;dr pharmacy will help you  


Look, we get it. You're busy. You've got something like 17 tests this week. And when you're done with school, it's not going to get much better. You'll be battling to keep up with changes in the field (not to mention volume and staffing constraints) in your practice career.

Why should you spend your valuable time here?

Love your site! Great for us preceptors!
— Karen R., Clinical Pharmacist

Because if you're like us, you need some glue to hold everything together. You have a bunch of drug 'factoids' memorized, but you struggle with connecting the dots and applying them to clinical practice.

Learning pharmacy is overwhelming. The amount of drug information out there is staggering. Where do you focus your studying efforts?

You spend hour after hour studying, but your grade doesn't budge. So your professor tells you to go back to DiPiro and "Learn the material, don't just memorize it."

I really enjoy the way the articles are written. It’s like a breath of fresh air.
— Mohamed E., Recent Graduate

How do we know this?

Because we've been through the same exact thing.

We've struggled through it ourselves. We've seen so many others struggle. It's not your fault. Seriously. It's not your fault.

I love your antibiotic utilization highlight
sheet! I’ve been referring to it several times throughout my rotation and
it’s super quick and easy to look at!
— Grace L., PGY1 Resident

It's insanely hard to see the connections between the modules during pharmacy school. You don't see the forest for the trees or get the benefit of a "10,000 ft" view. 

So you end up compartmentalizing everything; resulting in the classic “learn and dump.” You’ve forgotten everything you learned two weeks into the next module.

You knew everything about moxifloxacin in your ID module...what the hell is it doing on an exam question in your Psych module?!

tl;dr pharmacy has got your back.


Welcome to the dot-connector and the gap-filler of your pharmacy education.

Put simply... 

tl;dr pharmacy is the thing we wished existed when we were in pharmacy school. 

I just want to say. YOU GUYS ROCK! I am a practicing pharmacist and I love your blog. Best I have seen so far as far as being useful and to the point. Please keep it up!
— Rama G., Pharmacist

Our stuff is in plain language and littered with (bad) jokes. We don't like reading medical journals, and neither do you.

And here's a secret -- Your patients don't want to hear counseling points regurgitated from Micromedex. They want you to talk to them like an actual person. 

You don't need to be in pharmacy school to enjoy our site. Nurses, doctors, PAs, and (of course) practicing pharmacists are welcome!

At tl;dr pharmacy, you'll find actionable information you can use right now

  • Clinical overviews? Check.

  • NAPLEX study tips? Check.

  • Not making an ass out of yourself on rotations? Check.

  • Residency and practice job interview advice? Check.

  • Occasional rants about the state of the profession? Check.

You guys make complex “science-y” material seem simple. On top of all that, I get a laugh every now and then.
— Janiel U., P4 Student


What tl;dr pharmacy is NOT


Learning the amount of drug information required to care for your patients is hard work. There is no getting around it.

We can give you some short cuts, but we cannot replace the hard work that YOU must put in.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and another sprinkle of thank you!
— Lea G., P3 Student

If you are a healthcare practitioner and are referring to us for a refresher, great!

But remember the limitations of what you’re reading...

We are just people typing words into a computer.

We are qualified professionals, but we are NOT a substitute for peer-reviewed, evidence based guidelines and literature.

I have fallen in love with your website.
The only thing I regret is not finding it when I started pharmacy school!
— Max T., P3 Student

We cannot replace your sound clinical judgement. We aren't afraid to give our professional opinions here. But we don't know your patient. 

By the nature of "tl;dr," we have to leave some stuff out. You will find tons of useful info here, but it will not be the full picture. For more information, please see our disclaimer.


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If you have questions or just want to say hi, contact us! Most of our writing topics are chosen based on reader request...so don't be afraid to drop us a line. 


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Brandon Dyson, PharmD, BCOP, BCPS 

Works as a Clinical Pharmacist and as an Adjunct Assistant Professor. Completed a PGY1 Pharmacy Residency at a major academic hospital. He can be reached at brandon@tldrpharmacy.com



Samuel Oh, PharmD, BCPS 

Works as a Catalog Manager for a global health organization. Previously practiced as a Clinical Pharmacist in Informatics and Pain Management. Completed a PGY1 Pharmacy Residency at a government hospital.  He can be reached at sam@tldrpharmacy.com




Stephanie Kujawski, PharmD, BCPS

Works as a Clinical Pharmacist in Internal Medicine at an academic medical center. Previously involved in academia. Completed a PGY1 Pharmacy Residency at a large community teaching hospital. She can be reached at steph@tldrpharmacy.com


Samantha Le, PharmD

Works as a Clinical Trials Manager for a health organization. Previously involved in clinical research and academia. Interests include: illustrations, clinical writing, and emergency medicine. She can be reached at samantha@tldrpharmacy.com