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Absolute Risk Reduction: Your Secret Weapon in Literature Evaluation

If you read this post, you'll be 43% less likely to get a C or below on your next journal club. 

Of course. That's the relative risk (RR) we're reporting. But that's fine, right? That's all anyone ever reports. If you peruse through any given journal article, that's what you'll find. If you read some story about a new wonder drug you'll find RR there too. RR even shows up in news stories about that popular diet all of the celebrities are talking about. 

So great. RR is the bees knees then, right? Maybe not...

How to Outsmart Big Pharma - Part I

As a health care professional, one of your duties is to evaluate literature and make clinical decisions for your patients. What? I didn't say it was an easy part of your job. Maybe not even a fun part. You've got to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. To read between the lines and see through the BS. To arrive at that happy place where sound evidence-based decisions come from. 

This special tl;dr two-part post will help you see some of Big Pharma's tricks--so you'll be better prepared when you read up on that new drug approved by the FDA.

Part I is like a mini journal club. We'll focus on a recent secondary analysis of the ARISTOTLE trial.

Part II will take a broader look at the other marketing practices of Big Pharma.