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New FDA Approval - Epclusa


sofosbuvir / velpatasvir [Epclusa]


Epclusa is used for treatment of chronic hepatitis C (HCV). It can be used in patients both with and without cirrhosis. If the patient does have cirrhosis (moderate to severe), Epclusa should be given with ribavirin. 

Eplcusa can be given all by its lonesome self if there is no cirrhosis or if cirrhosis is in earlier stages. 

New FDA Approval: Inflectra


Infliximab-dyyb [Inflectra]



It’s a biosimilar to infliximab [Remicade], so it has the same indications. Primarily, you’re going to see it used for Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and rheumatoid arthritis. But you’ll also see it occasionaly used for ankylosing spondylitis and psoriasis.

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Lenvatinib [Lenvima]


Locally recurrent or metastatic, progressive, radioactive iodine-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer

I’m sorry, what in the heck did you just say?

Lenvatinib can be used to treat the vast majority of thyroid cancers (differentiated thyroid cancers account for about 94% of all thyroid carcinomas according to NCCN)--after they have failed radiation therapy.