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Monoclonal antibodies (-mabs) are a common source of confusion for pharmacy students. They have long, hard-to-pronounce names that all look and sound alike. It's impossible to tell them apart, let alone keep track of where they're used therapeutically.

Well that ends today, you smarty pants tl;dr pharmacy reader, you. Today we're going to show you how to make sense of the entangled maze of -mabs. We're going to show you that there is actually a system to how monoclonal antibodies are named. 

Why bother? Because you can tell most of what you need to know about a monoclonal antibody just by the name.  You can learn a few simple rules that apply everywhere instead of crowding your brain memorizing endless details that you'll eventually forget after the test.

You can perform better on tests while spending less time studying and still remember the information.

Not to mention, -mabs are the future. They aren't going anywhere. You are going to see more and more of them because they're effective (both clinically and at making money for Genzyme shareholders).