The following is a list of tools and resources that tl;dr pharmacy loves. You can find everything from NAPLEX and MPJE prep to getting your finances straight in spite of the 6 figures of student loans you’ve got. Everything on this page will help you out in your journey to becoming the best version of “Pharmacist You.”

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Cover Letter Mastery

If you're applying for a pharmacy residency, how different do you think your CV is compared to the hundreds of other students applying for the same position? Your cover letter, on the other hand, is the one part of your application where you can differentiate yourself from everyone else. Nail your cover letter, and you'll get invited to interviews. Cover Letter Mastery gives you a step-by-step guide to make your cover letter awesome. Includes how to avoid the most common cover letter mistakes, tear downs of real cover letters, and an interview with an RPD about what makes the perfect cover letter (and how you can craft one yourself).


Interview Mastery

There's nothing more grueling than a residency interview. But once you're invited (which is quite an accomplishment considering the odds), the interview is the last thing standing between you and a residency. You're going up against hundreds of other applicants, why leave the most important part of the process to chance? The Interview Mastery Course walks you through the entire process..from how to prepare, to what to wear, to how to make a great first impression, and how to avoid the 5 biggest mistakes that students make.


Your Financial Pharmacist

There isn't a lot of personal finance info out there that applies to our profession. The advice you'll get from most places is tailored for someone making $60,000 a year. Someone that doesn't have a $160,000 anchor of student debt attached to them. Your Financial Pharmacist (YFP) is different. Run by 3 guys named Tim, YFP delivers outstanding advice for students and practicing pharmacists.

Seven Figure 2.png

Seven Figure Pharmacist, by Tim Ulbrich, and Tim Church

Get your financial house in order with the only personal finance book written by (and intended for) pharmacists. There’s a lot of personal finance advice out there, but none of it captures the $160,000 debt you graduated with, or the 6-figure salary you’re earning. Do you pay down debt? Save for retirement? Save for a house? How do you stop living paycheck to paycheck? Do you need disability and/or life insurance? This book will help you sort all of that out. It’s a fantastic read, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Use the coupon code “TLDR” and you can save 15% on any package

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High-Yield Med Reviews NAPLEX Review

The NAPLEX is the last thing standing between “You” and “Pharmacist You.” Don’t take your prep for it lightly. High-Yield Med Reviews has a massive question bank, recorded lectures, and even a practice NAPLEX. It’s got everything you need to prepare. And they give a money back guarantee if you don’t pass. What’s not to love? Click the button below to get a FREE 1 month trial of their NAPLEX prep program. Then, when you’re ready, email and tell them you’re a tl;dr pharmacy reader. You’ll get $50 off your purchase ;)

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Guide to Federal Pharmacy Law, 8th ed. by Barry S. Reiss and Gary D. Hall

This is the only book we've needed for every MPJE we've taken (between us, we've been licensed in DC, MD, TX, and VA). This book is great because it's simple and to the point. There’s not a lot of legalese, and no fluff or filler. It’s also full of practice questions. It lets you reverse-engineer your way into memorizing Federal Law. It's an incredibly effective way to learn. 

Clin Research.jpg

Evaluating Clinical Research: All that glitters is not gold, 2nd ed. by Brengt and Curt Furberg

I owe a good portion of my literature evaluation skills to this book. It's quick and to the point. And it hones your BS Detector to razor sharp levels. There's no math. No biostats formulas. It's all real world application. It's even got some jokes and cartoons. Like a cool older brother telling you the way the world works. 



More coming soon! Check back for updates!