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Tired of Being a Pharmacist? Read This...

Tired of Being a Pharmacist? Read This...

There's some recent literature out there that's downright depressing...

It turns out that Over 50% of community pharmacists want to quit their jobs. On top of that, a recent workforce study from AACP found that Pharmacists from all practice areas are experiencing more stress, difficulty seeking a new job, and lower job satisfaction.


Yes, there are sampling and external validity issues with the above. The community pharmacist survey only included 303 people (and unsatisfied people are probably more likely to respond to such surveys than satisfied people). 

But think about your own experience. How many people do you know are sorry they became pharmacists?

How many wish they could switch to a new area of pharmacy (or a new career)?

How often have you felt that way?

Your answer is somewhere on the spectrum of "More often than you'd care to admit," isn't it?

The thing is, there is so much we can do with our degrees.

Despite the many career options available to pharmacists, we're often coerced into choosing between the false dichotomy of "retail versus hospital." Maybe a small percentage of us break through that barrier and find something in industry. But these 3 paths are the vast majority of where pharmacists currently practice in the US. 

And if you wanted to extrapolate the data cited above, a large number of those pharmacists are unhappy with their career choice.

So why not do something about it? 

You spend a large percentage of your life working. Feeling run down and dreading those hours is no way to live.

Maybe you don't need a complete career switch. Maybe you just need to pivot to a new area of pharmacy. If only you could find a way...

Our friend Alex Barker has been thinking about this problem for a while. He created The Happy PharmD, where he helps pharmacists (and aspiring pharmacists) find happiness through side hustles, entrepreneurship, and non-traditional pharmacy careers. He also wrote recently here on tl;dr pharmacy about the merits of skipping a pharmacy residency

Alex was once pretty bummed with his decision to be a pharmacist. In his own words:

"I once had a miserable pharmacy job. I dealt with bullies, monotonous work, and office politics. I felt like I made a mistake choosing pharmacy as a career. I felt like I wasn’t living to my full potential. I thought I wasted seven years of my life to become a boring pharmacist."

The cool (and inspiring) thing about Alex is that he did something about it. And now he helps others break out of their own pharmacy rut. This is literally his full-time job now. He got to the fork in the pharmacy career road, and he went straight. 

Right now, Alex is launching The Happy PharmD Summit to help pharmacists and pharmacy students learn more about (and transition into) non-traditional pharmacy career paths. 

The Happy PharmD Summit brings together a group of leaders in the pharmacy world that walk the road less traveled. You'll learn about...

  • Becoming a clinical or informatics pharmacist - WITHOUT a residency

  • Investment mistakes during a career transition

  • The potential of the new cannabis pharmacy career path

  • How to get paid as a consultant

  • How to get paid as an expert witness

  • Plus MULTIPLE speakers that specialize in career transitions

That is far from an exhaustive list...Alex has crammed a lot of value into this summit. Click on this link to see the full list of speakers.

And the point of bringing all of these people together?

These pharmacists love what they do. And The Happy PharmD Summit will teach you how to get into their realm of pharmacy. You'll learn how they did it. Where their missteps were (and how you can avoid them). And what you can start doing right now to change your miserable little pharmacy life into something more fulfilling. 

The best thing?

The Happy PharmD Summit is FREE. It's online (so you can watch it from the comfort of your own home), and it costs you zero dollars. 

How Brandon will be watching the Happy PharmD Summit ( Image )

How Brandon will be watching the Happy PharmD Summit (Image)

But it's only free for a limited time. You can view each session for 3 hours after it appears live (so it's kind of like a real conference).

But unlike a real conference you can watch the Happy PharmD Summit sessions while at home in your pajamas eating Ben and Jerry's. 

The Summit runs from September 30th - October 4th, 2019 so be sure to free up your schedule if you're able to.

There is also an Access Pass you can purchase that will enable you to view the content any time you want for a year. The Access Pass also gets you a metric crap-ton of other bonuses and goodies.

*Disclosure: tl;dr pharmacy will earn a commission if you purchase an Access Pass through one of the links on this page. As always, your trust (and my integrity) is worth WAY more to me than a few dollars. I would not be recommending this Summit or the Access Pass if I didn't think it would give you "Holy Shit!" value.

If it's not in your budget, please sign up for the free conference and watch the videos each day. On the other hand, if you DO decide to upgrade to the Access Pass, please consider using one of our links (and thanks in advance for helping to support tl;dr pharmacy!).

Even if you're completely satisfied with your place in pharmacy right now, The Happy PharmD Summit is worth attending. You'll learn about so many niches in pharmacy (many you might not even know were available to you).

It could plant the seeds for a future side hustle, or a backup plan in case you ever grow unsatisfied with your place in pharmacy.

It's free, so what have you got to lose?

No matter where you are in the pharmacy spectrum (even if you're a student), I recommend you attend the Happy PharmD Summit. I'll sure as hell be attending. 

Remember, The Summit is from September 30th - October 4th, 2019.

There are already over 1,700 members registered for the summit. Head over and join them at The Happy PharmD Summit (remember...it's FREE).  

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