Do You Want a Cover Letter that Gets Results?

Do You Want a Cover Letter that Gets Results?

Ya know what one of the most overlooked parts of your residency application is?

The cover letter (also known as the letter of intent, also known as the personal statement also known get the idea).

It's overlooked because there are a million-and-one resources out there on making a CV.

But no one ever talks about the cover letter. My guess on why this is is because the cover letter is WAY harder than the CV. 

See, CVs have a sort of standard format. Even if it's not explicitly stated, there is an "accepted" way to make a CV. And if you buck the trend with something a little too out of this world, you'll stand out for the wrong reasons (which is even worse than blending in). 

Overall, CVs follow the same basic format. They all kind of look the same. And quite frankly, even the content in them is pretty similar among applicants. 

This is especially true on residency applications. I mean seriously, what do you have to differentiate you from the other 100 people vying for the same PGY1 position? You all have decent grades, leadership experience, research experience (and a poster presentation at last year's Midyear). 

But your cover letter?

THAT's how you set yourself apart. That's the only part of the application that's really you. Your cover letter is the only place for you to express your personality.

It's a chance to show off your communication skills. And it's a way to make a memorable impression on the Residency Program Director (RPD).

Make no mistake about it, if you nail the cover letter, you will get invited to more interviews.

And here's some more good news...

Crafting the perfect cover letter is a learnable skill. That's right, you don't have to be a good writer. You don't have to go back and take an English Composition class. You, the person reading this right now (yes, you), can write a cover letter that puts asses in their seats.

YOU can write a cover letter that will make an RPD immediately stop what she's doing and put your application in the "Interview" pile. 

Our friend Alex Barker (from The Happy PharmD) has put together a handy little course that will teach you exactly how to write a cover letter that gets results.

Cover Letter Mastery will take you from "cover letter zero" to "cover letter hero" (please accept my apologies for using that cliched phrase...I have no shame) in no time flat.

I have personally purchased the course, and it's amazing how much actionable information he was able to cram in there. If you apply all of the lessons in Cover Letter Mastery, your odds of getting an interview (and therefore matching) are gonna shoot way up. 

The course is $67, but in my opinion, this is a good buy. How often have you spent $67 on something that didn't give you any value in return?

Knowing how to write a fantastic cover letter is a skill that will benefit you for your entire career. It could literally make a difference of tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your working life. 

And even though Cover Letter Mastery is targeted to residency applicants, I think you'll find a ton of benefit even if you're already a practicing pharmacist. I certainly did. 

How do you get your hands on Cover Letter Mastery?

Just hover your cursor over the blue button below and righteously slam your finger down on the mouse button (or trackpad, or iPhone screen) to get more info and to enroll. 

This is the part where I tell you (in full disclosure) that tl;dr pharmacy is an affiliate for Cover Letter Mastery. If you decide to purchase the course through one of the links above (or this one right here!), we will receive a commission. This doesn't affect your purchase price, but it does help to keep this website running (so thanks in advance if you decide to help us out!).

I know money is tight for students, but if you can swing it, I think this is $67 well spent. I don't just recommend products willy-nilly. Your trust (and my integrity) mean way more to me than a few dollars from an affiliate sale. 

I have been through the entirety of Cover Letter Mastery and think that the info it contains will benefit you. 

For what it's worth, Alex also believes in his product. He's offering a full 30-day money back guarantee if you're unhappy with Cover Letter Mastery. For those keeping track at home, that's long enough to get through the entire course several times. 

So what do you really have to lose?

Residency applications are already competitive enough (and the competition gets stiffer every year). Give yourself a competitive advantage by checking out Cover Letter Mastery.

"Future You" will thank "Present You" for it. 

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