Contest Winner Results

Contest Winner Results

Hello Everyone!

We'd like to announce the winner from last week's Clickbait Headline Contest.

To bring you back up to speed, we offered a free copy of our ebook Pharmacy School: The Missing Manual to whoever wrote the best clickbait headline on our post: How to Outsmart Big Pharma: Part II

We received some solid submissions! We received 7 via email. However, those were excluded from the final running (because following directions). The contest rules stated to leave your submission as a comment on the post. We really appreciate everyone writing in though! We'll definitely have more contests in the future. 

On to the Winners.

Winners? I thought there was only supposed to be one!? 

Well, this is our website and we can do what we want. We were torn between 2 headlines. So we opened the floor up to other unbiased voters. And they split down the middle (we really should have asked an odd number of people).

So our options were:

  1. Sudden Death Arm Wrestling Match
  2. Give Both of them a Book

We went with Option 2 (and I still regret it....I really wanted to see that Arm Wrestling Match). 

Anyway...Our winners both happen to be University of Texas College of Pharmacy Students. 

Please join me in congratulating Matt Davis and Beau Faulkner!

Thanks for participating everyone! Stay tuned for our next contest...

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